March 1, 2014

Scripture and Comments, March 3 and 4

Monday, March 3

Morning - Ps. 18:1-20, Gen. 18:1-16, Mk. 9:38
Evening - Ps. 20, 21:1-6. Hos. 5:10-6:6, Gal. 6:1-10

Commentary, Gal 6:1-10

Verses 7 and 8 express the essence of the entire letter of Galatians.  If we sow ungodliness (flesh) we reap death in the soul.  If we sow godliness we reap life in the presence of God forever.  The Galatians have been sowing to the flesh by trying to make themselves acceptable to God through rules and rituals.  But rules and rituals cannot make a person fit for the presence of the absolute and consuming holiness of God. Only God can make someone acceptable, as a gift from Him received by faith.  Faith, trusting God to make us acceptable through Christ, is sowing to the Spirit, which produces the fruit of everlasting life.
Sowing to the Spirit goes beyond simply trusting God for Heaven.  Important and essential as that is, sowing to the Spirit also includes walking by the Spirit day by day and moment by moment (Gal. 5:25).  It naturally includes the things we often call "religious," such as prayer, the Bible, and public worship.  But it also includes the mundane things of daily living, such as home and family life and work.  It especially includes putting our own comforts and desires under the control of the Spirit so we may live for the will of God (Gal 5:24).  Living for fleshly desires is sowing to the flesh.  Crucifying our affections and lusts to live for Christ, is sowing to the Spirit.

We are to help one another sow to the Spirit.  This is an essential part of the fellowship of the Church.  We seek to help our fellow Christians when they are overtaken in a fault (6:1).   We seek to help others bear their burdens as they also help us bear ours (6:2).  We are like a team, a family, a body, working together for the glory of God and the good of all.  If we stand one stick on end, it will fall, but if we put several together and let them lean on each other they will stand.  Likewise, a heavy load may break one stick, but several together can bear it easily.  This is the picture Paul is trying to give us of the Church bearing one another's burdens. This requires us to be willing to give and receive support with meekness.

Verse 6 refers to the other side of pastoral care; not the care of the pastor for the Church, but the care of the Church for the pastor.  The pastor visits and prays and teaches and studies; the congregation "communicates unto him... all good things."  Love, respect, reception of his teaching and council, and financial support, are ways we communicate to him all good things.

Finally, we are to continually sow to the Spirit.  It is to be the habitual work of our lives, even when we think we do not see any fruit of our labours.  We are not to allow discouragement to dissuade us.  We are not to give up because things are not going the way we think they should, or the way we would like.  We will not grow weary in well doing, especially in our service to our fellow believers, for we know we will reap in God's own time (6:9).

Tuesday, March 4

Morning - Ps. 18:21-36, Gen. 18:20, Mk. 10:1-16
Evening - Ps. 25, Hos. 11:1-4, & 13:5-16, Gal. 6:11

Commentary, Gal.6:11

The heart of this passage is Galatians 6:14.  If it were possible to earn Heaven by our own efforts it would be the same as earning fellowship with God, and that would be making ourselves His equal.  We would be able to "boast" of our achievement and our status.  But no mere ritual can accomplish this.  Not even circumcision can atone for sins or change the sinful inclination of our hearts.  Only God can make us acceptable to Him, and He has done so through the cross of Christ.  So Paul will not boast of his own efforts, though they surely outshine those of the Galatians.  He will boast of Christ, the Saviour who by His own suffering and death accomplished what Paul could never accomplish for himself, eternal peace with God.

Grace, not works, has been the theme of Galatians.  Thus Paul closes with the very appropriate words, "the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit. Amen."

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