August 28, 2013

Scripture and Commentary, Thursday after the Thirteenth Sunday after Trinity


Morning –Psalm 25, 2 Sam. 15:13-29, 2 Cor. 4
Evening – Psalm 27, Mt. 3

Commentary, Matthew 3

Matthew 3 provides yet another example of how Jesus fulfills the Old Testament.  Even His forerunner, John the Baptist, fulfills prophecy, for he is the one “spoken of by the prophet Esias” (Isaiah) in Isaiah 40:3.  We need to remember John’s baptism was not Christian baptism.  He baptized as a symbol of repentance in preparation for the advent of the Messiah.  Christian baptism is done as a symbol of faith in Jesus as the Messiah.  This is why the people in Acts 19:1-5 had to believe in Christ and be baptized in His name.  Christ’s own baptism was a sign that the Messiah had come.  The way had been prepared, the time had been fulfilled.  Christ was here being baptized by John.  The era of fulfillment of all the Old Testament promises had begun.  Even the Father announces this.  “This is my beloved Son” (vs 17) means this is the One.  This is the Messiah.  You were baptized in preparation for His advent.  Here He is, follow Him.