November 3, 2013

Scripture and Commentary, Monday after the Twenty-third Sunday after Trinity

Morning – Psalm 41, Jeremiah 35:1-11, Colossians 1:1-17
Evening – Psalm 42, 43, Dt. 6:1-9, Mt. 26:1-16

Commentary, Matthew 26:1-16

Our Lord turns to a new subject.  The disciples’ confused view of the Kingdom of God and the role of the Messiah required Him to speak in very general terms about Jerusalem and the real return of the Messiah.  Now He broaches a subject in which they are equally ignorant, and will not understand until His resurrection.  That subject is His crucifixion.  Our Lord apparently does not spend much time on this.  He simply tells the disciples it will happen.  After saying this, He takes His disciples to the home of Simon the leper.

Simon is one of those mysterious people of the Bible.  Everything we know about him is found in verse 6.  His name is Simon.  He is called “the leper” apparently for having had leprosy, which, we presume to have been cured by Christ.  His home is in Bethany, near the Mount of Olives, and Jesus and the disciples, along with Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, have come to his house in the afternoon or evening on the Tuesday or Wednesday before the crucifixion.
The ointment has two meanings.  First, it recognizes the Lordship of Christ.  It is an act of worship, and only God is to be worshiped.  Second, it points to Christ’s crucifixion (26:12).  The indignation of the disciples is misplaced.  Frankly, they are not concerned about the poor, else they would be doing something to help them.  Furthermore, they will have many opportunities to help the poor, but Christ will soon be taken from them.  This woman has chosen the right way, to honour Christ.

The crucifixion was not a surprise to Jesus.  He knew He was going to Jerusalem to go to the cross.  He willingly laid down His life, and He laid it down to pay the price for our sins.

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