October 8, 2013

Scripture and Commentary, Wednesday af

Morning – Psalm 94, 1 Kings 22:13-28, 1 Tim. 1:1-11
Evening – Psalm 113, 114, Job. 38:19-30, Mt. 17:14

Commentary, Matthew 17:14-27

Coming down from the mountain, Peter, James and John immediately see a multitude gathered around the other disciples, who were unsuccessfully attempting to cast out a demon.  Jesus quickly and easily dispatched the demon and rebuked the disciples, saying it was their lack of faith that prevented them from casting it out.  Their lack of faith is shown by their lack of prayer and fasting, for Christ Himself says that kind of demon is only cast out by prayer and fasting.

Our Lord is not invoking prayer and fasting as magic charms or spells to manipulate demons or anything else.  He is pointing out that the disciples did not have the faith to be faithful in the small things of prayer and fasting, thus, they could not expect to be able to do great things.

The same kind of thing continues to happen today.  Christians neglect what we consider the small and mundane things, like prayer, and fasting, and seeking God in the Scriptures, and worshiping God in a Biblical church.  They crave the mountain top experiences rather than the daily routine of faithfulness.  Therefore, they are weak when they face the demons. Should we be surprised at this?

It is the same with what some call “serving God.”  They want the euphoric feelings, admiration, and high profile positions in the local church.  They don’t want the daily routine of changing diapers, mowing lawns, taking out the trash, and doing the things required of a being a Godly person in the home and at work.  How can we expect to accomplish great things if we will not be faithful in small things?

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