October 11, 2013

Scripture and Commentary, Saturday after the Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity

Morning – Psalm 120, 122, 123, 2 Kings 2, 1 Tim.3:1-13
Evening - Psalm 144, Job 42:1-9. Mt. 19:1-15

Commentary, Matthew 19:1-15

The Pharisees continue their opposition to Christ..  Part of their plan is to kill Him; part of their plan is to discredit Him.  Of course, discrediting comes first, for that will turn the crowds against Him, and give them the pretext of having Him executed for heresy and blasphemy.  So they attempt to make Him alienate the people by asking Him about divorce.  Then, as now, people were self-centered, and had a difficult time making themselves love their spouses after the first excitement of hormones wore off.  So divorce was common, and people went from marriage to marriage.  If Jesus speaks against it, He will certainly alienate many people.  If He does not speak against it He will be guilty of breaking the teachings of Scripture.

Undeterred, our Lord gives the truth about marriage; one man and one woman for life.  That is God’s view of marriage, and it is as immutable as God Himself..  Furthermore, He declares that marrying a divorced woman is adultery.  In other words, in God’s eyes, she is still married to her first husband.  The same is true of a divorced man, though our Lord deals here only with the woman due to the nature of the question He is answering.

There are circumstances that make divorce allowable, though not required.  Christ here mentions fornication.  That frees the spouse from the marriage.

Jesus’ blessing the children teaches an important lesson; children are never too young to learn of the Saviour’s love, never too young to learn to love and worship Him, never too young to be counted as part of the family of God.  “Suffer little children” means to allow them to come to Jesus.

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