September 27, 2013

Scripture and Commentary, Saturday after Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity

Morning – Psalm 37, 26, 1 Kings 17:17, James 1:1-11
Evening – Psalm 145, Job 12:1-10, Mt. 13:31-52

Commentary, Matthew 13:31-52

The parables in this passage all deal with the kingdom of God, and all expand on the points made in the explanation of the parable of the Tares and the Field.  From the seemingly inconspicuous seed of Christ and His disciples will grow a mighty kingdom that will overcome all enemies and bring creation and humanity to its Divinely appointed end.  But not all people will be in that kingdom. Those who remain in rejection and unbelief will be cast away at “harvest.”  They will continue to live in the hell they have chosen.  Except, then, they will realize their error.  They will exist in everlasting sorrow too deep for words, but expressed in wailing and gnashing of teeth.

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