December 31, 2012

Scripture and Commentary, Tuesday after the First Sunday after Christmas

Morning - Ps. 103, Dt. 30:1-10, Eph.2:11
Evening - Ps. 148, Dt. 30:11, Rev. 19:11-16

Commentary,  Eph. 2:11-22

Ephesians 2 shows God working in this world to accomplish His purpose for His creation.  His purpose is stated in Eph. 1:10, gathering "together in one all things in Christ."  This includes Gentiles, and this morning's reading shows Him bringing Gentiles into the Church.  The Gospel of Christ is for all who will receive it in faith.  Heaven is for all who will enter through Christ.  The Church is for all who will believe.  In Christ there are no strangers or foreigners (2:19) only one Nation and Household.  In Him all believers are being built up into one holy Temple in the Lord (2:19-21).  There was a time when most Gentiles were excluded from the House of God (2:11-12).  God allowed them to live apart from Him, and to reap the just rewards of their sin.  But God's ultimate plan of gathering all things together in Christ was not blocked by human rebellion, Jewish or Gentile. He gathered Abraham and his descendants, to whom He gave His Word and Commandments, and through whom He would give His Messiah. In the New Testament era He began to bring in the Gentiles.  In His New Israel, the Church, all believers, Jews and Gentiles are made one body in Christ.  The work of gathering all things together in Christ continues, and will continue until the Last Day, when all of His people will be gathered Home to Him, all of His enemies will be cast out forever, and the heavens and earth will be made new.