November 29, 2011

Wednesday after the First Sunday in Advent


Morning - Ps. 9, Is. 2:6-19, Mk. 1:29-39
Evening - Ps. 15, 19, Is. 3:1-15, Rev. 5

Revelation 5

Tonight's reading shows the Divinity of Christ. He is worshiped by the four beasts, just as the Father is worshiped (5:8). He is worshiped by the elders, just as the Father is worshiped. Prayers are offered to Him as unto God. Comparing 4:11 and 5:9, we see that the same honour and praise offered to God is also offered to Christ, "Thou art worthy." The Divinity of Christ is the conclusion verses 1-7 lead to. No one is found worthy to open the book until Christ, the Lion of Judah, the Root of David, the Lamb that was slain, by whom the Holy Spirit is "sent forth into all the earth" (5:5-6) steps forward. The beasts, the elders, and the angels are not worthy to open the book because they are created beings. They are servants of God. Christ is worthy because He is God.

Verses 9 and 10 recall what Christ has done for His Church through His sacrificial life, death, and resurrection. Verses 11-14 show Christ worshiped and adored in Heaven equally with the Father. But He is also worshiped because He has prevailed (5:5). He kept the faith, even unto death on the cross, thus He prevailed over evil. He died and rose again, thus He prevailed over death. He has already endured what the churches of Asia Minor are enduring as John writes Revelation. And He is worthy of all honour and praise. As the One who is fully man, and has prevailed and overcome; and as the One who is fully and equally God, He alone is worthy to open the book.