September 9, 2011

Saturday after the Eleventh Sunday after Trinity

Saturday after the Eleventh Sunday after Trinity


Morning - Ps.96, 2 Sam. 6:1-11, Lk. 22:63-23:12
Evening - Ps. 112, 113, Hab. 3:2-19, Rom. 11:22-36

Romans 11:22-36

The many Jews who missed the point of justification by faith are a solemn reminder to the Gentiles that they abide in God only as long as they abide by faith in Christ. Paul returns to the illustration of the olive tree to reinforce his point. If the natural branches (Jews) were broken off and wild branches (Gentiles) were grafted in, God can just as easily remove the wild branches and replace the natural ones (11:22-24).

Again we are reminded that God will turn the Jews to Himself. Verses 25- 32 are a little difficult to follow because they jump from the Jews' present blindness to their future faith, to the Gentiles benefiting from the grace of God, but their basic meaning is found in verse 26, the Deliverer shall turn away their ungodliness.

In verses 33-36 we come to the conclusion of this part of Romans, which is a great prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God. It confesses something we need to bear in mind as we ponder these chapters, that the wisdom and knowledge of God are far deeper than we can fathom (11:33), therefore His ways will always be a mystery to us. We are not His counselors, nor are we able to do anything that would cause God to be indebted to us (34-35). Just the opposite, we are constantly indebted to Him, and must accept His will, though we may not always understand it.