August 5, 2011

Saturday after the Sixth Sunday after Trinity


Morning - Ps. 72, 1 Sam.4:12, Lk. 12:49
Evening - Ps. 15, 46, Dan. 3:19, Acts 22:17-29


The events of today's reading are well known. Not only were the men not burned, though the furnace was exceedingly hot, they were visited by Christ in the furnace (3:25), and they were exalted and promoted by the king (3:30).

In the true form of tyranny, Nebuchadnezzar, probably thinking he is doing God a favour, decrees that anyone who speaks anything amiss against God "shall be cut to pieces, and their houses shall be made a dunghill" (3:29). While this order served to preserve the Jews, it is not what God's people want from the world, nor does it promote God's true religion and virtue. It is the internal rule of God in the heart that truly honours God.