July 24, 2011

Monday after the Fifth Sunday after Trinity


Morning - Ps. 11, 12, Ruth 2:1-13, Lk. 9:46
Evening - Ps. 8, 19, Acts 1:1-11


Naomi may have returned to Israel empty, but God had much good in store for her. By his providence He works all things to good for His people, and He will bring good to Naomi in spite of her sin and lukewarm faith. By His providence He brings Naomi into contact with her wealthy brother in law, Boaz. It was not Naomi who made plans to glean the fields of Boaz, it was Ruth (2:2). Ruth even dared to hope Boaz would be favourably disposed toward her. By God's grace, he was. It was not chance that brought him from Bethlehem. It was not chance that caused him to see this unknown woman gleaning in his field. It was not chance that he felt kindly toward her and gave her far more than simply the leftovers of the crop. It was Providence. God caused Boaz to learn of Ruth's faithfulness to Naomi, and of her leaving the land of Moab to join herself to Israel (2:11). He desired God to bless her, and intended to be an instrument of His good will toward her (2:12-13).

There is much to learn of God's grace in this passage. We, like Naomi have sinned and strayed from God like lost sheep. We have dwelt among the heathen and neglected our duties to God. Our rebellion has been costly, for we have reaped what we have sown and we have found ourselves empty in our souls. But God is rich in mercy. In His Providence He has brought us to our Kinsman Redeemer and into His house and home. He has given us all that He has, as an adoring husband to his loving wife. We came to God empty, but He has made us full.