June 28, 2011

Wednesday after the First Sunday after Trinity


Morning - Ps. 37:1-24, Num. 22:41-23:12, Lk. 3:1-22
Evening - Ps. 34, Ezra 6:13-18, Acts 9:32


At long last the Temple is completed. God has brought His people back to their homeland, and enabled them to rebuild the Temple. This means the sins which brought His anger and caused their captivity are forgiven, and they are restored to God's favour. This is all accomplished by grace. It was God alone who brought them out of Babylon, and God alone who gave them zeal to build the Temple and persevere in its construction though enemies tried to stop their work. God's wonderful mercy and unstoppable providence are clearly seen in this passage. And if God accomplished His promises to the Jews with such power and faithfulness, we can trust Him to accomplish what He has promised us in Christ. We may meet with opposition, and our faith may be as weak as that of the Jews in this passage, but God will bring His work in us to completion by His own power. He cannot fail.

The people did their work with great joy. This includes not only the rebuilding of the Temple, but also its dedication and services. We may also do our service unto God with joy. Worship, prayer, the services of the Church, and the reading of the Scriptures can be a source of great joy to us. Let them not become burdens we must force ourselves to bear. Let them be meat and drink to our souls, as streams in the desert. "Let us learn to welcome holy ordinances with joy and attend on them with pleasure. Let us serve the Lord with gladness. Whatever we dedicate to God, let it be done with joy" (Matthew Henry)