May 20, 2011

Saturday after the Third Sunday after Easter


Morning – Ps.99, 100, Ex. 34:1-10, 29-35, Heb. 11:17-31
Evening – Ps. 23, 30, Is. 50:4-10, Eph. 3:13


Looking at Abraham, let us be clear that God is not telling anyone to sacrifice someone as a test of faith today.  It may seem odd to see such an obvious statement in today’s commentary, but it is here for the same reason hand lotion containers have to have warnings; “Not for internal use.”  So, “Don’t try this at home.”

Now let us look at our reading for this morning, Hebrews 11:17-31.  This passage continues to show how people in the Old Testament trusted the promise of God.  Abraham is the primary example.  Promised an inheritance of land and descendants, He believed God and ordered his life according to the promise.  He trusted God even when it looked like the promise could not be kept.  Thus, Abraham knew God would somehow be true, and he would return with Isaac alive and well (Gen. 22:5).  This is the meaning of Hebrews 11:19.  The point is that Abraham trusted God and acted accordingly.

Trusting God applies as much to us as to Abraham.  Though not called to literally sacrifice children or people to God, we are called to trust God’s promise and providence when it comes to the people and things we love most in this world.  Do we love God enough to trust Him with these things?   Do we trust Him with our children, grand children, parents, and siblings? Do we trust Him with life as well as eternity?  Will we live our lives with faith in the Promise of God in Christ, as Abraham lived with faith in the promise of Genesis 21:12 and Hebrews 11:18, “in Isaac shall thy seed be called”?