May 11, 2011

Thursday after the Second Sunday after Easter


Morning – Ps. 66, Ex. 19:1-7, 16-20, Heb 7:12
Evening – Ps. 71, Is. 44:9-20, 1 Pet. 4:12

The major point being made in Hebrews 7 is that the Old Testament priesthood was a temporary institution, while the priesthood of Christ is eternal.  Just as the priests themselves were not permanent, but passed their office on to another at death, so their order of priesthood was also temporary, and would be passed on to another who will continue in it forever.  Melchisidec is eternally a priest, Aaron was temporary.

The ministry of the order of Melchisidec supersedes the Old Testament priests’ ministry.  Their ministry has ended, but the ministry of Christ continues.  Even now He “ever liveth to make intercession” (7:25).  His ministry surpasses theirs because He accomplished it with a single sacrifice, while theirs required daily sacrifices (7:27).  His ministry surpasses theirs because He is able to save to the uttermost (7:25).  His ministry accomplished our salvation, theirs symbolized it.