May 9, 2011

Tuesday after the Second Sunday after Easter


Morning – Ps. 50, Ex. 18:1-12, Heb. 6:13
Evening – Ps. 61,62, Is. 43:15-21 & 44:1-3, 1 Pet. 4:1-6


Abraham is an example of a person who inherited the promises through faith and patience (6:15).  He patiently endured in the faith, though it was not always easy for him.  He inherited the earthly Promised Land through his descendants, but he inherited the Kingdom of Heaven as the promise of God. Canaan was but a symbol of the Heavenly Promised Land.

The promises of God are immutable.  In verse 17 it says the counsel of God is immutable, but the counsel of God includes His promises.  We could interpret the verse as saying the word of God is immutable, meaning the word of God is His bond and He will not break it.  His word is confirmed by an oath.  God swears by Himself, making it evident that His word is indeed a promise.  He binds Himself to keep His promise, that those who trust in Christ in Biblical faith, will inherit the promise, and those who do not trust in Him to the end, will not.

This promise is an anchor of hope in a sea of troubles (6:19).  It gives us faith to continue on, steadfast to the end.  It keeps us anchored in Christ, and Christ Himself is “within the veil” the Holy of Holies, which is the right hand of God in Heaven.