August 14, 2011

Monday after the Eighth Sunday after Trinity


Morning - Ps.104, 1 Sam.11:1-13, Lk. 15:1-10
Evening - Ps. 116, Dan 6:1-8, Acts, 26:1-23


Belshazzar was killed the very night Daniel told him the meaning of the writing on the wall. Darius the Mede became the new ruler. He, naturally wanted to secure his position, so he appointed governors and heads over his kingdom, and named three chief governors, or presidents. Of all these rulers and advisors, Daniel was the chief.

Daniel served Darius with the same faithfulness he gave to Nebuchadnezzar. It is an honorable thing to serve our employers well. They may not be Christians, or, even honourable people. But our service to them should be outstanding simply because it is part of the way we serve God. Our service to employers, however, does not require us to break the law of God to please our boss. Just as Daniel served Darius faithfully, he also refused to pray to him as a god. Instead, he continued to worship God openly and faithfully, just as he always had.

It is evident from the story that Darius has been manipulated by the leaders he appointed, and that their motive was envy of Daniel. Their desire was to get him deposed, and they decreed to accomplish by making a law Daniel could not possibly obey; a law that requires him to choose between God and the king.

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